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Fire Damage Pro specializes in providing cleanup and demolition services to general contractors, government entities and property owners for those wishing to tear down structures, remodel, or in disaster cleanup situations

We handle demolition projects after fire or water damage occurs. Our demolition team will get the job done quickly and efficiently, and aim to minimize business disruptions during the process.

At Fire Damage Pro, we want to sincerely express our sympathies for your loss if you have suffered damages to your home or business from these awful fires of recent years. Often in such crises, people don’t know to whom to turn for professional assistance in starting the long journey in cleanup and rebuilding their homes and their lives.

For those who seek a professional approach to resolving the nightmare of this firestorm, we offer our services. We will inspect your property, give you a written proposal itemizing what has to be done and what it will cost—and a time schedule to get it done. Your insurance carrier will appreciate that and will likely speed up the process.

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